About the organizers

Department of Political Sciences

logo-ugentThe Department of Political Sciences welcomes each year approximately 1 000 students for its bachelor and master programmes. The courses are rooted in a strong research tradition, based on five research groups each embedded in their respective international scientific network: Centre for EU Studies, Centre for Local Politics, Ghent Institute for Political Studies, Ghent Institute for International Studies and the Centre for Sustainable Development.

One of the fine traditions at the Ghent University Department of Political Science is the willingness and even eagerness of its staff to engage in public debate, thus making their expertise and knowledge available to a wide audience.

Vereniging voor politieke wetenschappen

VpwThe VPW is the Dutch-speaking political science association of Belgium. It welcomes all people interested in political science. Belgium also has a Francophone Political Science Association with whom we actively collaborate. The VPW publishes the journal Res Publica which is the political science review of the Low Countries.

Nederlandse Kring voor de Wetenschap der Politicologie

NkwplogoThe NKPW is the political science association of the Netherlands. The NKPW publishes the journal Acta Politica, one of the few truly international political science journals with a broad scope across the discipline.